I know exactly how you feel reading these lines. You have this occupation, this passion that you share today with those around you.

But you would like to reach so many more people. You have big dreams for this little shop.

You would like to finally live off your passion and enjoy the important moments of life. Why not even leave this job that bores you terribly (I told you, you have big dreams!)

No matter how advanced your Etsy Store is, you want to finally have the impact you deserve.

You just need a little help to:

• Understand how to create product listings that everyone will want to buy
• Know how to finally be found on Etsy and reach all those potential customers
• Use social networks effectively without spending whole days working on them

You are ready to bring this little shop to the next level.

But you don’t know how to do it …

If I tell you that I know how you feel, I’m not lying. I went through the exact same steps, the exact same doubts, the exact same frustrations.

That’s why I have some beliefs about your situation:

• I think you have this strength in you that will allow you to develop a profitable Etsy Shop to finally share this passion with the world.
• I think your ambition is much greater than you’ll ever admit. I am here to make this hidden and rooted dream a reality.
• I am convinced that you deserve better than what you have today. Every moment that you live without making the most of your passion takes you away from your dream. It’s time to finally live what you deserve to live.

To summarize, you have this product, this passion that you want to share with so many people … And I’m here to help you go beyond what you hardly think is possible.

I help ambitious and dreamers, like you, to bring their Etsy Shop to a whole new level - About Page - Start With Angie | startwithangie.com

Hi! My name is Angie but you can call me Angie. I teach enthusiasts how to turn their small Etsy shop into a full-time job (do we even call this “job” when you spend your days doing what you love?)

How did this become my life?

In August 2015, when I was moving to England, I decided to work up the courage and launch my first Etsy shop.

I may as well tell you right away, it was a bitter failure.

In 6 months, I only received three orders, including one from my mom, yes. I didn’t lie to you when I talked about failure.

I spent all this time developing these products that fascinated me so much and just couldn’t understand why no-one loved them as much as I did.

It was time for it to change, it could not last that way.

So I spent hours (I think we could even talk about days!) looking for techniques that nobody talks about, best kept secrets of Etsy and I also tested my own methods.

A year later, I finally launched the shop that would allow me to live off my passion.

I help ambitious and dreamers, like you, to bring their Etsy Shop to a whole new level - About Page - Start With Angie | startwithangie.com

In 9 months, I was finally living the life I have always dreamed of.

With over 1,500 sales now, Etsy tips and tricks have no secrets for me.

Through my online trainings, free webinars, Facebook and Instagram Live, I help ambitious and dreamers, like you, to bring their Etsy Shop to a whole new level.

I share what I would have liked and needed to know at the beginning of my journey.

If you are interested in all this, I invite you to download your FREE Etsy guide below. By signing up, you will be notified of the latest articles and you will receive personal invitations for free workshops (where you learn everything Etsy, literally).


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